Give Me a Second Chance is a brand of refurbished mobile phones and other Apple devices. A responsible consumer approach and a favorable price as the main benefits of the products are also supported by a high quality guarantee. We built the brand from the name, through the packaging design, the overall visual style to the website solution. The concept is built on building a sense of reliability and trust in the product, i.e. on a typographic message of exactly what the customer is purchasing - a fully unlocked, checked and quality product. An integral part is the packaging design solution that fully respects the environment. The color of the recycled Kraft paper, in which the box and other printing materials are made, is prescribed in the entire visual style. The design of the website is supported by this color, and the central hero is a rotating mobile phone, which communicates the key ideas of the entire Give Me a Second Chance project.

© 2021/2022, design and concept by Jiří Toman and Katka Orlíková  


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