The studio's foundations were laid in London in 2005. At first it was mostly a "one man show" of a freelance graphic designer. The studio's history truly began when it moved to Prague in 2006. Graphic design is our passion. We love new challenges and unfamiliar disciplines; we are driven by the desire to materialise our clients' ideas and make them last. Our rich experience in solving complex client requirements enables us to provide service that goes beyond the field of graphic design. Over the last 15 years we have managed to establish ourselves as one of the best design studios in Prague. Our portfolio includes identities, books, covers and websites, and it covers projects across a wide range of fields, including art, communications, technology, design, food, education, and non-profit and humanitarian projects. We don't want our work to have to be explained by marketing, which is why our motto is "Design instead of too many words!"

Our team

Jiří Toman (1974)

Creative DirectorFounding Partner

Barbora Toman Tylová (1981)

Art DirectorManaging Partner

Lukáš Müller (1982)

Art DirectorAssociated Partner

Tibor Vizi (1977)

Senior DesignerAssociated Partner

Kateřina Orlíková (1986)

Senior Graphic Designer

Jiří Koudelka


Helen Čubová

Executive Assistant


  • 2022 The Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2021, Gold, Bronze
  • 2022 Wolda Logo Design Awards 2022, Award of Excellency
  • 2022 European Design Awards, bronze
  • 2020 The Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2019, Bronze, Silver
  • 2019 Pentawards 2018, Bronze Award, Aiko
  • 2019 Zlatý středník 2018, 1st place, Best Magazine
  • 2017 Zlatý středník 2016, 1st place, Best Annual Report
  • 2017 European Design Awards 2016, Gold Award
  • 2017 Top Fedrigoni Awards 2016, Gold
  • 2017 TDC New York, Certificate of Typographic Excellence
  • 2016 The Most Beautiful Book of the Year 2015
  • 2016 Typodesign Club Award for Graphic Design
  • 2016 Award of the Association of Printing Entrepreneurs
  • 2016 Vojtěch Preissig Award
  • 2013 Obal roku 2012 (Packaging of the Year 2012)
  • 2009 Wolda Logo Design Awards 2008, Best of Nation
  • 2006 Obal roku 2005 (Packaging of the Year 2005)


  • 2018 German design award 2017
  • 2017 Magnesia Litera 2016 for publishing
  • 2016 Czech Grand Design 2015 nomination: Graphic designer of the year