A children's book about the friendship of a gopher and a fieldmouse - Dages and Mapik. A friendship so strong, it survives even the fact that only one of them sleeps in winter. The striking yet endearing text by Jana Šrámková is accompanied by black and white pen drawings by Markéta Prachatická. The minimalist illustrations are graphically refined by coloured typesetting. In the first part of the book the typography is orange, but when one of the friends falls asleep and winter falls, the colour of the font changes to a colder and darker blue. The joyful orange returns with spring and the reunion of both friends

© 2018, design by Barbora Toman Tylová, text by Jan Šrámková, illustration Markéta Prachatická, photo by Filip Györe


Illustrations by Markéta Prachatická were mostly accompanied by serif fonts, so the geometric grotesque Pepi by Tomáš Brousil was chosen for the book "Brothers in the Field" to add a contemporary feel to the book. Printed on Fedrigoni's Arcoprint paper.


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